Simon Tulett – February 7th

ChangeDear Friends

Change. The dreaded ‘C’ word. Sometimes change can bring about great new experiences, new exciting challenges, and new friends to share them with. Unfortunately though, as we all know, change can sometimes bring about the exact opposite.

Change can bring loneliness, culture shock, and negative experiences that can leave us dreaming about our former life. So standing on the start line with all of these thoughts running through your mind, waiting to begin your adventure into a period of life change, can be a pretty stressful and nerve racking place to be.

Last week, I moved flat for the second time in the space of few months. So, apart from some of the less than exciting jobs that come with a change of address such as trying to remember all the many different companies that will be eager to know where to send their next batch of letters, then phoning them all one by one, I’ll be spending time getting to know my new flat mates and hoping to build some good relationships with them.

All this change got me wondering where God is in these experiences and what his promises are to those who commit their lives to being his people. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him”. The “good” in this verse does not refer to earthly comfort, but to being conformed to the image of Christ (v29).

So we can be assured that whatever changes we may be experiencing in our lives at the moment, if we have given our lives to God he will use our good and bad experiences to equip us to love, and point others towards him.

Simon Tulett (Youth Minister)