30th October – Holly Draper

My dearest Friends

Last Sunday around 50 children spent time in their morning groups making things for other people, using their creativity and their inherent kindness with the purpose of showing love to others, to people they haven’t met before, and probably never will again. But that’s what I love about love: that something which might seem so little, like colouring in a bookmark, making gift tags or decorating cakes, actually, whelove-in-action-oct-2016n done as an act of love, contains so much more.

On Monday a group of these same kids and their parents went to deliver and distribute these acts of love to their appropriate recipients – residents at the Beaumont across the road, passers-by and shop-owners in Chorleywood Bottom, and then the future bookworms in Chorleywood Library.

“Why?” was the first thing the majority of people said when we approached. Why do you want to give me a flower? Why are you choosing to litter pick on the Common? Why have you come to visit us? How sad that people are so surprised when a random act of love is passed on to them that their immediate reaction is to question it, to see if there is a price that comes attached to it.

We replied saying it was a gift to them, an act of love we wanted to pass on, a little way to say you matter. When they realised this, and saw there were no ties, nothing to sign up to, it was free and it was for them, then they smiled. A smile which was free and genuine, that at that moment connected us that was the outward reflection of the love which they chose to accept. And so many smiles we got to see in such a short space of time!

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” 1 John 3:18

Love in Action. That was and is one of the many things Jesus calls us to do. To put our love into action – to God, to ourselves and to each other. To show the truth of the Good News, of God’s love for each of us by our actions and words. That is our calling. The smile I witnessed from the receiving a single flower! Don’t we want to see the joy that comes from those who discover and know that they are loved and they are saved by a God who gives them life?

Any journey starts with the first small steps, and little things matter. So I want to urge you to firstly cling on to those little things, the little acts of love which are around. Use them as affirmation and a reminder of our Father’s love for us. And secondly, put your love in action to those around you too. It doesn’t take much from us, but God loves to use the little things for his big plans.

With love – Holly (Children’s Minister