10th September – Tracy Brown

Dear Friends,

Summer is over! Yes, sadly it is true, summer (and there were ‘some’ sunny, and even quite hot days) is officially over in our house when the schools go back, the nights feel decidedly colder and it is time to pick up the windfall apples, gather blackberries and make blackberry and apple crumbles!   I wonder how your summer has been? Did you have a memorable holiday, precious moments with family or friends, time to read books and space to appreciate God’s remarkable creation. I hope you had at least one of these.

A highlight of this summer for me was the trip to New Wine during the first week of August. 50 of us from church attended this annual Christian gathering of 16,000 people! It was a lot of Christians in one place at one time and it was one of the wettest years I can remember, but it was also brilliant. The teaching from John Mark Comer was outstanding and worth any amount of wind and rain in order to get there. I highly recommend that you join the Discovery evenings starting on Thursday 5 October so that you can watch the DVDs with John Mark working through what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus and how it is we are transformed into his image.

New wine 1As well as enjoying great teaching, worship and numerous seminars, it was also a great opportunity to get to know other people from church. We took the decision to take a marquee with us this year and this became the community hub for eating, drinking, chatting, praying, playing games, reading, laughing and enjoying time in the company of friends. We had four social events across the week, a welcome tea, a cheese and wine evening, a BBQ and on the final evening we managed to have a chocolate fondue over a fire pit into which we dipped marshmallows – messy but yummy! I think we all came home blessed by meeting with God and sharing time together. I would thoroughly recommend coming to New Wine next year – it can’t be that wet again surely …

Please take this sheet home and have a look at all that is happening across the church, lots to look forward to and get involved in as we pull on our jumpers and settle into September.

Love Tracy