Jacob’s and Terence’s Priesting

Saturday, 30th June 4pm – all invitedJacobTerence

Our two curates have been with us for almost a year now and have been a great blessing to us.

Last year, they were ordained as deacons in the Church of England, and this year they will be ordained as priests. This marks an important step in their calling to ordained ministry. The service to mark this joyful occasion will be at St Albans Cathedral on on Saturday, 30th June at 4pm and Jacob and Terence would be delighted if you are able to come to the service and celebrate the occasion with them.

There is no need to reply to this invitation. You can just go to the Cathedral on the day where you will be warmly welcomed.  Please note that there is no parking at the Cathedral, so allow time for parking in one of the several public car parks in the centre of St Albans.